Siemon Scharnik

My journey into the energy healing world has brought me so much joy and abundance. Spiritually, I am more connected with the divine and my true self. As a reiki practitioner, I have witnessed and experienced firsthand how powerful the universal energy is in assisting self-healing and removing any stuck energy that prevents you from living your best life. I use a combinations of different energy tools to assist my client’s needs such as reiki healing, crystal energy healing, energy meditation healing, and life coaching techniques to provide a holistic treatment for the client.

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My purpose is to help you live a satisfying and rewarding life, through trust and proven tools.

My mission is that of transformation, a journey that begins with the Self, with recognising self-imposed limits and external limits, with the desire to move forward into a healthier, happier future. 

This involves "waking up" and daring to leave your comfort zone; it means claiming your gifts while confronting your Shadow. Through "tried and true" coaching methods, you will identify what holds you back from leading the life you wish to lead.

In my life coaching session will work on removing those blocks so that you can design your own future and create a plan of action for getting there. What once seemed improbable will become possible!

As a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, I consider the ideal client to be somebody who is ready to embrace change to live more fully and intentionally.

The coaching you get from me is results focused, generating significant, meaningful, and lasting life changes, improving the positive thought processes leading to success in all walks of life, both personal and professional. So, take that next empowering step and contact me now, to begin your amazing transformation.