Our only objective at SeHeiki Co.
is to empower our clients through the power of holistic healing.

We primarily do this by facilitating life coaching sessions and Reiki Energy healings (see notes at bottom). We use a solution driven approach and various Neurolinguistic

Programming techniques in our coaching sessions. We also incorporate elements of crystal energy healing and aroma therapy according to the clients needs and desires. We do this in order to give our clients the emotional, physical and spiritual tools and support they need to access the power we all intrinsically hold to heal ourselves.

Benefits Include but not limited to:

* Stress Reduction

* Promotion of natural Self Healing

* Relaxation of Body and Mind

* Pain Relief

* Detoxification of Toxins

* Balancing of the Energies in the Body

* Strengthened Immune system

* Releasing of blocked and suppressed feelings

* Reduction of depression/anxiety

* Enhancement of personal awareness/growth

* Achieving of Goals and success