Re-engergise & Take Action Workshop

R 3,500.00
R 1,500.00

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Many People come to coaching with specific goals in mind. However, to achieve our goals we need to find ways to stay energized. This workshop will empower you to find the ways and means for you to keep moving forward and to get things done. Your way. This workshop  will help in achieving these goals. We will guide you on how to focus on staying on your chosen course to your hopes, dreams, aspiration and desires. 

During this workshop you will learn about how to get energized by creating what we like to call your spark team. Who motivates you? Who inspires you? Who keeps you going? Who supports you? We then go on to create a detailed and honest love and loathe list and figure out effective ways for you to both fulfill your obligations whilst making the most out of the things that keep your fire burning.

We will also dive into optimizing your personal efficiency. We do this by creating a personalized Weekly Success Planning Tool that promotes productivity and the optimization of dopamine. We then look at your daily habits. We look at which ones positively impact your goals and replace the ones that don’t with success habits.

We hold space for you to take an open and honest inventory of yourself. With that information we take deliberate and intentional steps. With the truth of ourselves out in the open there are no longer any excuses or shadows for us to blame for our procrastination. Only action to take.

The last section of the workshop is about dealing with the residual emotions, beliefs and ideals that are keeping you stuck and finding the solutions to get you unstuck and moving! We put everything into a practical plan for you to pull yourself towards eating your proverbial elephant, one action step at a time.


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