Shadow-Work 30 Day Workbook

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Do you sometimes believe that you aren't enough, that you aren't capable of being loved and that you are undeserving. This is the dark side of our personalities called the “Shadow.

Our shadow self consists mainly of primitive, negative emotions and impulses. We hide our shadow from ourselves and others by pushing them down into our subconscious during childhood. Many negative issues that affect your life can result by keeping your shadow hidden. Shadow work is the process of exploring these hidden aspects.

Shadow work helps you to heal past traumas and create a balanced life. It will help you feel whole, rather than fractured. Through shadow work you can learn self love and self acceptance. You can learn to express those characteristics in healthy ways instead of suppressing them until they manifest in unhealthy, uncontrollable ways.

Shadow work allows you to feel a greater sense of power, you can heal it and integrate it into the light.

There are questions for each day. I suggest taking 30minutes each day to go through the questions and answer them as best and honestly as you can.