CBT 21 Day Workbook

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a practical and action oriented approach for quickly building positive emotions and meaningful engagement in your life. In this 21 Day Workbook you will definitely pick up some new habits to enhance your life.

You will find three powerful types of practices on each page of this work book.

THINK : Cognitive strategies for training your thoughts to serve you well.

ACT : Behavioral techniques for choosing actions that build the life you want to live.

BE : Mindfulness practices for experiencing greater presence and connection in each moment.

These three approaches overlap and will work together to reinforce one another.

For maximum benefit focus on one page a day and be sure to practice the techniques rather then simply reading the pages.

You can keep your page next to you or open on your laptop so that its visible to remind you of what you're working on.

If you ever need additional motivation, remind yourself of the positive changes you're looking forward to that will make your efforts worthwhile.

With repeated practice, you'll find yourself using these techniques more automatically. I'm wishing you all the best along the way.